Canon G7X Mark 2 Camera Review… (well sort of!)

pathway-to-heavenThis photo taken on my phone really doesn’t do justice to the spectacular colours of this heavenly scene and it really did look like a pathway to heaven… Isn’t the World an amazing place when we open our eyes and notice the beauty around us everyday…

Getting my new Canon G7X Mark 2 a couple of months ago, I had hoped to be able to ‘upgrade’ the quality of the photos on my blog and to start some vlog posts. I’d also intended putting a review together from a ‘beginners’ perspective once I’d had a bit more practice and learned about more of the features.

However, sadly, the camera was STOLEN in our recent burglary and as I had to wait 2 months from order to receipt of the camera in the first instance, I’ve decided to put together a small selection of some of my pre-theft ‘photographic attempts’ as I suspect I may be waiting a while for the replacement…..  all that’s left is THE BOX!

Having originally decided to invest in a ‘proper’ camera so I could improve my blog, I investigated a range of options and in the end, I narrowed the choice down to the Olympus Pen or the Canon G7X mark 2 as both were recommended by a number of ‘top vloggers and bloggers’.

My son’s girlfriend is a great blogger (Manchester Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger) and was the inspiration behind my decision to set up my own blog. She’d recently bought the Olympus Pen for vlogging and already had a Canon DSLR for her fabulous blog photo’s. However, she’s been slightly disappointed with the Olympus Pen and as a result, I decided to purchase the Canon G7 X mark 2  and I wasn’t disappointed!

In fact having seen some of the videos I took on our earlier camping trip, Sarah had a case of ‘camera envy’ and is now debating on whether to sell her Olympus and swap to the Cannon G7X.

As it may be a while before I can do a proper review on the Canon camera, I thought I’d share some of my early trial photo’s instead…

As any ‘expert’ photographers will be able to tell, I was only just starting to get to grips with the camera but from a complete photography novice’s perspective, I was really pleased with some of my early attempts. Maybe the new owner is getting some great shots instead…. aghhhhh!!!

I was pretty pleased with my first ‘make up’ shoot as used in

What do you think?

Then it was downhill as I attempted ‘wildlife’ & ‘kids’…. I waited what seemed like hours to get a shot of the butterfly with open wings.. NO CHANCE!! Now I know why they say steer clear from kids and animals!!!

I’ve also included a shot of my hubby in the slideshow below – what do you think.. Wildlife or Kid…mmm I’m just not sure which describes him best… Hope he doesn’t read this post – YIKES!

I’ve never seen so many TOADS either… Our camping field in Anglesey, North Wales was literally covered with them (much to the kids delight) and although I kissed thousands throughout the week, not one turned into a handsome prince!….

OH NO.. – hang on …. is it frogs that turn into princes? I’d better stick with my ‘bit of wildlife’ instead… sorry Mr B your stuck with Ms WWW for a bit longer…

(Mr PPP blogger has given me the title of Ms WWW which stands for ….. Wicked Witch of the West and I’m sure hubby would definitely agree! – thanks Mr PPP aka Perfectly Pesky Poet!!!) 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So – all in all I need some lessons and lots more practice to learn how to use the camera…. oh yes… and ANOTHER new camera!

Canon send weekly lessons which have been helpful but I’m still confused by the terminology… Leading Lines and all that!

I do think a face to face lesson will be essential and clearly my sons thought so too as one of my birthday presents earlier this month was a beginners camera course in November. Sadly, it looks like I’ll be attending without my lovely new camera…

However, I was really pleased with some of my first attempts and even though I’ve got lots more to learn, the camera does make it possible to get some great shots even for a beginner like me…


So now it’s a question of Watch This Space for a bit longer………

Hopefully when I manage to get a replacement camera, this Manchester Lifestyle & Inspiration Blogger will be posting some great pictures and VLOGS as I may have been on my beginners photography course by then!

Let me know what you think – Hubby – Wildlife or Big Kid? Please leave a comment below – haha!


21 thoughts on “Canon G7X Mark 2 Camera Review… (well sort of!)

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  1. I think these are great Wendy but I had to laugh. My hubby has nicknamed my sister the Wicked Witch of Thornbury. 😄 How rotten that your camera was stolen. Here’s to lots of good captures in the future. xo


  2. Great post! My son does all the photography for my blog-he has his own too and uses the Canon eos something or other…it takes nice pix anyway! Umm, I’d go with wildlife and “candid” hubby shots…like when he’s sleeping lol! Your photo are nice 🙂 the lipstick looks monumental!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Samantha – Canon cameras are great – I think Sarah (SequinThis) uses the EOS or something similar too – they are better for single shots – haha Samantha – Yep I’ve got a few ‘sleeping shots’ – just daren’t post them or he’s threatened to put some of my ‘snoring’ shots on Facebook!! hehe… xx

      Liked by 1 person

          1. That’s one of the MOST important things to do. Set yourself some small goals that are just about you and I’d love to hear how it goes.. If your not at your ‘peak’ it will have an impact on you and your family.. Take Care of Yourself – it’s a lesson I’m learning too and it’s not easy when you’ve spent your life looking after everybody else! x

            Liked by 1 person

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