AUTUMN – A season of change and discarding the old to make way for the new…


We can be sure that through our lives, we will face many changes which both directly and indirectly affect us. Change really is Life… things never stay the same.

Sometimes when it seems that our lives are in turmoil as a result of changes that have occurred often beyond our control, we feel that the changes are “The worst thing that could happen!”. What I’ve realised through such experiences is that often “The Worst Thing” turns out to be “The Best Thing”.

Take a peep at my previous post on this subject:

When you’re going through the experience of a significant and difficult change in your life, it may not feel good, but often when you look back on what happened, maybe a year or so later, you realise that it happened for a reason.

We often get rooted in what we know and our roots can hold us fixed firmly in a place that isn’t necessarily the best place to be. But – we stay there because we fear the unknown and even if something doesn’t ‘feel good’, we stick with it as we are ‘rooted’ in that place.

Change is needed to set our lives moving in a new direction and sometimes it is necessary to chop the old roots away and send out new roots that move us forward. The changes that we often dread or fear the most often turn out to be the changes that moved our lives in a much better direction.

I think one of the greatest lessons I’ve started to learn is that when I feel bad/uncomfortable/disconcerted by what is happening in my life, I now have the knowledge to recognise that this is the time to really take a deeper look and review what’s going on and why I feel this way and then have the ‘faith’ that actually it really is happening for a reason and it’s an opportunity to reflect and make changes that will enhance my life!

How do you feel about change? I’d love to know – please leave me a comment.. Thanks!






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  1. Great insight about change:) Change for me is something that presses us out of our comfort zone. And like you, I believe that Change is for the better or for the worst, depending on where you view it, taking a deeper look, and yeah, something always happens for a reason.

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  2. Wendy, my Life now is a perfect example of what you’ve written about.
    Since the first day at office, I was assigned the IT Dept in my Junior Grade. Due to my efficiency, the Management continued me in the same Dept and I became Head of IT for the full company.
    But basically we are a Loan Giving Finance Company. And I knew nothing about Loans and Documents.
    Then this mean boss came in and with a hush and a puff, we uprooted me from IT Dept and sent me to a Branch to work in Loans Division.
    At first, my Ego was hurt. Then I got Depressed. I Resisted and Resisted.
    Then I wrote the poem “Whats Up Depression?”
    I realised slowly that as months went by, I began loving this Dealing with Customers and giving them Loans. It was a New Change.
    I realised now that “This Change helped me to Learn Something New about our Company” and with this Branch Training, I will become Eligible for the Next VP Promotion.
    Thank You God for helping me accept this Change.

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    1. Wow – you really are on an exciting journey even though you didn’t initially think it would be. We definitely grow from the things we fear and initially dislike – it teaches us how strong we can be when we have to be or about what is important in our lives. For me it was the realisation that no matter how hard you work, how much time and dedication to a company you give, it only takes one new person to arrive for things to change dramatically and you are always just a number on a piece of paper. Realising that took a long time and some pain along the way but what it delivered in that message was the realisation that I should be prioritising my family and friends and not work which is really just a job. I’m not saying don’t work hard but always keep in mind the importance of why we work hard – which for me is to enjoy quality time with my family.. Thank you for sharing your experience – it means a lot! x

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    1. I agree and I’ve started to recognise that when I feel really uncomfortable or fearful about what’s happening that it’s all going to work out for the best and it almost becomes exciting.. I wish I’d learn that earlier in life but better late than never Mr PPP! haha..

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        1. Oh Yep – the benefit of hindsight! So now then we’ve agreed what PPP stands for as I recall… Perfectly Pesky Poet so what does WWW stand for – or shouldn’t I ask!!! haha xx


          1. Haha – hubby will be pleased that finally someone agrees with him… oh no hang on – I can think of a few others who may agree too…Yikes! x


          2. I’m glad I can put a smile on your face Mr PPP – although if your not careful you may wake up and discover that some laughter lines have messed up your eyes and those Perfect Brows… (I told you http://WWW….) xx


          3. Been there earlier this evening – they were a bit hyper too – it must have been catching! hehe xx WWW signing off before I get really cheeky and lose Mr PPP as a follower! xx


          4. Oh yes… I do recall Mr PPP… and clearly this WWW is out for vengeance for that ‘cheeky’ humour of yours… I’ve just remembered where this all started… haha! x

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    1. Oh wow – that’s brilliant – I wish I’d learned the lesson sooner – I’ve been ‘stuck’ a few times when I should have moved on – mainly with work.. I’ve learned in the end though and better late than never! xx

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  3. Change has always been hard for me. Growing up I learned to dread change which is too bad and something I need to work on. I associate change with only negative things but sometimes forget that change can lead to positive things, too.

    I love reading through the comments and seeing other people’s perceptions of change. Thank you for this post ❤

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    1. You’re very welcome and I’m so glad you enjoyed the post and the comments too! I’ve been fearful of change in the past too but over the years have finally realised that it usually has led to something better in the end! xx

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      1. I’m definitely not at that place, yet. It’s a challenge because in my conscious mind I know that change can lead to amazing things but in my unconscious mind I still believe that change only leads to pain. But realizing you have a problem is the first step right? Haha, I hope so.

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  4. Change..hmm. I change my mind as I learn and gain knowledge. I change my style when I find something different appeals. I am happy to change myself as I grow within. I prefer the word growth to change actually. Enhancement. A turn of the wheel. A choice at a crossroads. Growth, with my roots in the ground and a flexible sway 🙂


    1. Sounds lovely Ms A! For me – I’ve faced the crossroads and turned back round a few times for fear of leaving my comfort zone.. Now I’ve reached a point where I recognise what’s happening and can ‘go with the flow’ of change and have begun to enjoy the moments of discomfort and having faith that it will be the right thing to do.. Lessons it’s taking me too long to learn on occasion! A Flexible Sway – I like that!! x

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  5. Hi Wendy, i have grown to love and embrace change. With my fav Gandhi quote the change you want to see in the world… then myy other moto /mantra is there is benefit in everything even the not so nice.

    Great post throught provoking ..

    Enjoy your evening. Regards bella

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    1. Thanks Bella – so have I – it’s taken me a long time and a lot of worry in my earlier years though to get to this point where I recognise that everything happens for a reason. I’m now able to ‘go with the flow’ with much less worry.. and I always have a ‘plan B’ which helps too! Thanks for reading and I’m glad you enjoyed the post! Thanks as always for taking time to comment Bella – much appreciated and I hope you’re enjoying your night too! xx

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    1. I think you’re like the majority of us Tay.. we get stuck in our ruts/comfort zones and hate it when we are forced to shift and then we can look back some time later and realise it was for the best.. It’s happened several times to me and so eventually I’ve learned to recognise the signs and almost look forward to what’s going to happen..


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