How Important Are Your Eyebrows?

Growing up in the 1970’s, I had black bushy eyebrows that nearly (not quite) met in the middle, much to the disgust of my sister who was appalled that I refused to pluck them!

Image (clearly not me age 13…)courtesy of Bing Search – unknown source.


When I was about 13 she could stand it no longer and virtually tied me to a chair and plucked them off to a thin line which was very much the fashion through the 70’s & 80’s but yes – I know – you’re thinking ……that she was very mean to tie me to a chair and your right – I’ve still not forgiven her!!!! – hahaha!!

She turned me into a regular ‘plucker’, which was fine for several decades when the fashion was for slim brows, although our mum who was a definite 50’s bushy brow lady was NOT happy at the result! Her view remained that…

“They define the features on your face and they are there for a reason – to stop dirt dropping in your eyes!”

She was right as always, but we didn’t appreciate her advice at the time….

Times Change and now I want to return to bushier brows, but sadly after decades of plucking, it is not to be!

How adorable is this baby… Bing..


I’m left with patchy, over plucked, greying skinny ‘worms’, rather than dark chubby ‘slugs’ over my eyes. (Ok so probably not the best image but 2 girls I saw behind the counter in a local fashion store on Saturday definitely had ‘slugs’ – they were incredibly fat ones too and the lady in the queue behind me commented on them very loudly and left the whole queue trying not to stare and laugh which wasn’t easy!)

What I’ve realised though is although I don’t want fat slugs (certainly not at my age as they would definitely look clownish), a neat arched brow does make a massive difference. I can do a full face of make up but if I don’t fill in my eyebrows, my face looks bare. Take a look at the clip below and you’ll see exactly what I mean…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yep – I know … “Let the wrinkles stay and BE PROUD” … Botox is increasingly more attractive when I see these close up shots…. ah well – it means I’ve clearly laughed a lot so that’s got to make up for the wrinkles..

Anyway… moving on from the wrinkles…. Having realised how important eyebrows are, and with our new phase of ‘camping’ which requires a more ‘natural’ approach to make up,  I’ve done my research and decided a bit of help is required so that I don’t have to ‘paint’ on my eyebrows every day.

I’m going to go for MICRO BLADING which my niece, who has trained hard to learn this art, is going to do for me. Micro blading is a semi permanent way of defining and creating eyebrows which shouldn’t then need ‘painting on’. I’ll do a full post with video clips of the treatment so watch this space! 

What do you think? I’d love to hear so leave me a comment below.. Much appreciated xx


35 thoughts on “How Important Are Your Eyebrows?

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  1. I read the poem you wrote on this a while ago and agree totally. As for me I’ve never plucked my eyebrows. Ever. They’re thick but I’ve always loved them and I’m so glad now. One less thing I have to maintain! 🙂 ♥

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    1. You’re lucky – I’ve got my sister to thank for my little ‘worms’ … well obviously AGE has got nothing to do with them being grey and patchy it clearly is all my sisters fault! x

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    1. My niece has done my sister’s and they look fabulous – it’s much more realistic looking than tattooing. I’m away next week but should be having it done on return so will be posting hopefully before end of Sept. Can’t wait! x

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  2. Micro blading sounds terrifying…I will await your post with interest!
    My eyebrows are rubbish..I have blonde eyebrows that are virtually invisible, any attempt to darken them just makes me look bizarre!x

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    1. haha – When done well they can look fantastic .. but when done badly – YIKES! Fortunately I have every faith in my niece and you’ll be able to judge for yourself! They can be done in all colours – pale to dark.. Watch this space… It’ll be a few weeks before I post as I’m going camping next week.. xx

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        1. hahha – let’s hope they aren’t TOO obvious!! … It could be good for a ‘laugh’ anyway.. I’m looking forward to a chilled week ahead but will be ‘non communicado’ for most of the week. You have a great week too.. xxx

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        1. FANTASTIC – I can’t wait! And for me to have given you even a tiny bit of inspiration has made my day when I think you are one of the most inspiring people I’ve been fortunate to cross paths with in my 55 years.. xx

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    1. I’ve just been showing my husband Bryan the amazing crochet everlasting blossoms photographs and like me he is amazed – he couldn’t believe that these had been crafted by hand.. I hope your having a lovely weekend Myra. We are going away for a few days camping next week so I look forward to catching up on my return.. Have a great week! x

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