Starring in the Movie of YOUR LIFE…

Cousins are childhood playmateswho become lifetime friends.

In loving memory of my mum who died on the 24th August 2013

She was the star of her life movie and lived life doing the things she wanted to do and not what others ‘expected’ her to do, to the very day she died…

So my question to myself and to you is:

Are you directing your own Life Movie and playing the Leading Role or are you ‘being directed’ as one of the Extras and living life to meet the expectations of your parents, friends, partner, children, teachers…..?

I’ve finally decided to be like Meryl Streep – I’m going to be the Director and play the Lead Role! I’m revealing my ‘Brilliance Within‘….

Be THE DIRECTOR & STAR in your life movie….

Mum 6/9/1929-24/8/2013

18 thoughts on “Starring in the Movie of YOUR LIFE…

Add yours

          1. Four cats, a budgie…what do I do about the fish in the pond!! Some sort of structure to contain them, must be water proof…oh yeah, that’s a tank! Lol!

            Liked by 1 person

          2. You could put the fish in a big net and pull it behind the Ark? – Think outside the box!! haha… Not a good idea to put the cats in with the budgie either – poor tweety pie is a bit outnumbered!!!

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          3. Ok…that’s an idea 🙂 It was his birthday yesterday (8 years old!) so I can do a celebration of the budgie for my son! The budgie is 8, by the son is 17! :)x


    1. Thanks Cheryl – She was beautiful and had a great sense of style throughout her life. I’m so glad you enjoyed this post and thanks for your lovely comment! x


        1. I know – it was such a glamorous era – I love those old movies too! Thanks for having a good old peek at my blog tonight Cheryl – much appreciated! x


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