Video: How To Put Your Tent Up – or not!

Haha – A Tent Erection Competition – Father versus Son and Modern Airbeam versus Traditional Pole Tent was a fun way to start our recent camping trip – Well it made me laugh anyway watching hubby hard at work with a little help from our granddaughters and some ‘backseat driver’ guidance from me but not a ‘helping hand’ in sight – oops – should I be feeling a bit guilty?

This was the ‘maiden voyage’ for our new Vango Edoras 500 XL Airbeam tent (apart from one initial try out in the garden…).

Who do you think won the ‘Erection’ Competition?– watch the video to the end and all will be revealed.. Don’t give up – it speeds up half way through!

This video doesn’t exist



19 thoughts on “Video: How To Put Your Tent Up – or not!

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    1. hahaha! You’re right it did and to be fair it would have been a bit quicker if I’d not been sat filming proceedings and actually helped – hehe!! I had a very amusing 20 mins watching (and advising of course)… I’m ‘absolutely rubbish’ too I think – haha!!

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    2. Just thinking about the ‘Don’t worry everything will be absolutely rubbish” quote – it’s inspiring me for a post on not building expectations therefore avoiding disappointment! haha…

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        1. The Airbeam is new – it was fabulous – apart from the last night when we had gale force winds – the noise of the tent was pretty horrific!! Yikes… Although as always my granddaughter managed to put a smile on my face when she woke up next to me in the night and said: “Nanny – I quite like this wind – it’s like the tents burping” haha!! (the loudest burp I’ve ever heard…) Hope you have a fabulous camping trip! x

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          1. Wowzy – that sounds AMAZING!!! It puts my little 10 day trip to Anglesey into perspective… hehe… I will certainly be watching out for your YouTube posts… Golly you really will be ‘the lonely author’ on this trip! Take care xx

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  1. Okay, this post brought me back to my childhood. I’m about to go camping for my family reunion. Making me rethink the whole bring my tent – rent a pop up tent option. So happy I came across your blog – Ellie.

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    1. Great to meet you Ellie and I hope you have a fabulous family reunion which sounds lovely! Thanks so much for following my blog and I’ll be popping across for a visit to yours shortly! xx


    1. Well I really can’t take credit for ‘energy’ as I just sat with my camera laughing at the rest of the family – and particularly my hubby who had to pretty well pitch the tent by himself! hehe x

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    1. Haha – what would life be like if we couldn’t laugh…!
      Although………..I’m not sure my hubby was laughing too much at the lack of assistance!! hehe x


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