The Simplicity of Logging Off This is a really thought provoking post from In the Autumn of My Life which is so apt to my own life today, having just returned from a great camping holiday, where we had virtually no internet access. It was lovely to spend some true quality time with family and without any interruption or feelings of guilt for not accessing emails etc.

Like Ms Autumn, I too recall the days of not being in constant phone contact with family, friends, work colleagues etc. which enabled me the freedom as a teenager, to really experience life on my own terms, without constantly being ‘checked up’ on by parents or work. I wouldn’t have been able to ‘sneak out’ to meet my boyfriend (now husband of 30+ years), if I’d had to be in constant touch by mobile phone as my parents were not initially in favour of our relationship… How wrong they were!!

I do wonder how younger people who have no memory of not being in constant contact through mobile phones and social media may be having their lives limited by the constant ‘checking up’, although I also recognise that mobile phones do have their place and give some peace of mind to parents for their children’s safety etc. so I’m not a complete techno dinosaur!

Ms Autumn definitely gives us some food for thought with this post and a gentle reminder that we need to maintain some ‘personal control’ of our technology and remember that there is a life to be experienced in reality and not just through our computers!

Read on for the full post from In the Autumn of My Life:

I am back after a lovely break chilling out with my family and a fairly strict self imposed ban online! We had a wonderful week as a family and excellent news of fantastic AS level results f…

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