Make-up: You can’t beat a new lippy!

As I suffer from Rosacea, I decided it was time to try a new foundation to see if I could improve the coverage, so I decided to take a short trip to the fabulous John Lewis Make-up counters at their store in Cheadle, Manchester. (For those non UK readers, John Lewis is a lovely Department Store which has a long standing ethos of ‘partnership’ working from which many other employers could learn…)

After a dab of this and a dab of that, I was recommended the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation and Concealer, which seemed to give the best cover and I was assured that it provides long lasting wear without being overly heavy. I’ve tried it at home now and will definitely do a post about how this is working very soon… I may even be brave and do a short before and after video – yikes – I don’t know who will be more scared – me or you who has to view it!!

Imagine my delight when I came to pay and realised I was entitled to a free gift… Wit Woo!!… I received a lovely new make-up bag which contained a selection of cleanser and moisturisers ……

and a fabulous lip liner, lipstick and lip gloss….


I’d run out of my usual lipstick and couldn’t wait to try the new colour. What do you think of the result?

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13 thoughts on “Make-up: You can’t beat a new lippy!

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    1. Yep – I like it. I used the Laura Mercier mineral powder foundation previously which I do like but felt maybe my skin (now it’s getting a bit more crinkly) may be better with a liquid foundation instead. I think this is doing the trick for coverage and durability. xx


  1. Lovely! Really pretty shade of lipstick, and free gift too? How could you not : ) Would be interested to see video..I’m always quite envious of people who can use makeup properly…Iol!

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    1. haha Smanantha – I didn’t say I could use it properly!! We are going camping on Thursday so it will be when I get back.. Oh no – now I’ve built expectations – yikes!! hehe…

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          1. You look lovely : ) …I am resigned to cat treats and crystals in my hair on my clothes..they’re moulting…

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          2. That’s a lovely thing to say Samantha – and I wasn’t fishing for a compliment…Thanks so much! I do know that feeling though of the pet hairs – yikes!! We’ve just had Dolly shaved and now she looks like a Jack Russell instead of a long haired Chihuahua as she was moulting like crazy!! Anyway – crystals in your pocket and cat hairs on your clothes – that’s what lifes’ really about! xx

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