The Little Things or Precious Gems?

Have you ever heard the saying?

Precious things come in small packages….

As we rush through our lives, it’s easy to miss those little packages and lose focus on what could be the lost or missing precious gem in our lives…


We seek BIGGER….. BETTER ….. MORE….. and somehow miss what is staring us right in the face – those little things that are already within our grasp and yet we fail to stop and enjoy them.

Ask yourself – Is it time to stop for a moment and re-focus on what is important in your life?

Enjoy the little things

You may be surprised because as the saying goes:

“Enjoy the little things as they may turn out to be the BIG things in your life!”

WHAT ARE THE HIDDEN GEMS YOU ARE MISSING? Stop, Take a Break and Reveal the Brilliance!


12 thoughts on “The Little Things or Precious Gems?

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    1. Ahh -that’s lovely of you – thankyou! Unfortunately, I can’t accept the nomination as I’ve recently exceeded the 200 followers… I did the Liebster a short while ago – here’s a link if you fancy checking it out: I really appreciate you thinking of me for the nomination though and I’m looking forward to reading your post… Much appreciated and have a brilliant weekend! x

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