Love Is…. A Special Bond


21 thoughts on “Love Is…. A Special Bond

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    1. haha – Grandy hasn’t seen this yet – I’m not sure he’ll be impressed at all the half naked shots – hehe… I won’t tell if you don’t!! Just a ‘secret’ for all the world to see – oops… xxx I’m glad I could help you smile today.. x

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    1. You’re very welcome Janni – I can’t keep the smiles all to myself now can I that would be mean…. (not sure hubby will agree though – haha – it’s a good job he hasn’t got a blog himself or he’d be getting his own back!) x

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    1. Brilliant – Just imagine if we could each put a smile on one persons face every day we’d be surrounded by smiley faces! I’m so pleased I managed to put a smile on your face today! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment too xx

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