Why Not Take A Closer Look

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Are you constantly on the go, rushing through life without seeing the natural beauty that surrounds you every day?

I was!

For the last couple of months, I’ve been taking life at a slightly different pace – not necessarily slower but certainly ensuring I have the opportunity to look at things from a different perspective.

Look what I would have missed if I’d continued on the hamsters wheel Poem: Hamsters to Swans…

I certainly wouldn’t have noticed the beauty of this simple pansy in my garden and I’m sure I would have missed the shimmering dew glistening on those vibrant coloured petals.

I finally realised that it’s important to stop for a moment and reflect on what is a priority in my life and to look at my world through a different lens.

What colours are you missing in your life as you rush through each day? Maybe it’s the little things that if you spent a moment to notice would bring a new joy to your life.

It’s not just what we fail to see, but also what we don’t hear – the missed conversation with a child as we walk along pushing a buggy with the phone to our ear… or glued to the TV/Computer screen when our partner arrives home.. or making a presumption without listening to the full story and composing our response rather than REALLY listening….

Look what I saw when I made a conscious effort to See, Smell, Listen and Feel the beauty in My World.

What would you see if you paid attention and looked at your world through a different lens?

Take a moment to review how you are living your life – is it making you happy and if the answer is ‘NO’, maybe it’s time for you to change the lens on your camera and look at your world from a different perspective.

I’d love to hear what you see from this new angle… Leave me a comment and let me know… 


17 thoughts on “Why Not Take A Closer Look

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  1. What a lovely thought provoking post Wendy. You’re right, it’s too easy to rush through our busy days but I’m finding, particularly through blogging, that I really am slowing down to enjoy the simple things. Have a lovely weekend. xo

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    1. Thanks Miriam – I’m glad you enjoyed this post. You’re right – blogging has helped me look at things from a different angle too. It’s lovely to hear that you’re already enjoying noticing the ‘simple things’ in life.. Hope you have a brilliant weekend too! xx

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  2. Lovely post Wendy. Nice reminder to slow down and enjoy. I found myself getting a bit worked up over my blog then I realized I don’t care how fast or slow it grows. I want to be helpful and enjoy the new friends that I am meeting along the way. So thanks. Have a great weekend.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more Pamela – life is for living and the blog is a fabulous way of meeting new people and being inspired but not something to take over our lives.. Hope you have a brilliant weekend too! xx

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  3. Yes, look through a different lens, I certainly have been looking at the world and my life through a different lens and Oh my returning to work where I use to work, actually ended up saying – bella is not the same bella. Sure a certain percentage will always be me but a certain percentage has change.

    We should always stop and check out what are we doing and re-dress the balance. I agree with Miriam that blogging does make you change as well as other life event.

    Great post Wendy, I enjoyed it. Bella

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    1. Ahh – I’m so please you enjoyed it Bella. I think it’s difficult to go back to a workplace – I’ve done that previously because it’s amazing how much we do change in a short space of time and then people remember how you were previously.. I hope it’s going ok? Have a lovely day off tomorrow! xx

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      1. Wendy hey ! With this thought in my mind I launched up a latest blog post. Hope that you will be a part of this humble call.🙈😻😻

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