Result of the Miracle Snore Cure Test

You may recall that whilst trying out an electronic facelift gadget that I’d bought, I suspected it had cured my snoring by tightening the muscles in my throat. I did a test and stopped using the gadget for a couple of weeks and lo and behold – my snoring returned with a vengeance – much to poor hubby’s disgust.. back to the spare bedroom for me!

I originally purchased the gadget from Aldi but I contacted the manufacturer Rio Beauty to let them know that I suspected that they had a 60 Second Facelift or Miracle Snore Cure?

Well, I decided to do a further test (well actually – hubby decided I really SHOULD!!) and I’ve pulled the result together into a very amateur movie (sorry only my second attempt and lots to learn…) so take a peep to see some snaps of my holiday in Spain and at the end of the movie, the result of the test is revealed….

You’ll be glad to know that I am collecting a new camera on Saturday which has been on order for ages i.e. the Cannon G7x mark 2, which I’m hoping will significantly improve future attempts at ‘movie making’!! (I suspect it may take me a while to get the hang of using a ‘proper’ camera though so don’t hold your breath!)….

In the meantime, here’s my poor attempt at movie making… Check it out on Youtube


26 thoughts on “Result of the Miracle Snore Cure Test

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  1. Love the vid Wendy – really useful – what was the name of the gadget again? Sorry to ask. I know you’ve posted it up on Part 1. You look like your having a fab holiday mate. Safe journeys

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    1. Thanks Andy 😎🙌😘 it’s the Rio Beauty 60 second facelift gadget which you can buy from them direct. I bought mine from Aldi … haha glad you enjoyed the video… think it’s going to be a steep learning curve😉 Have a great weekend xx

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    1. Yes I think I’ve managed to load it onto youtube but it must be an old account – if you search: miracle snore cure – it comes up with the video. It’s my 1st you tube video and I’ve collected my new camera today so hopefully I’ll be posting more very soon.. I know this one looks pretty poor quality but it was good practice. Much appreciated xx

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    1. HAha – It just means I have to endure the ‘slight discomfort’ every day – worth it though! xx thanks for watching the video and commenting – very much appreciated! x


  2. Just to let you know I have emailed you, just now. I know you have loads of email to your inbox and as it is about tonight I thought I would give you a heads up haha. Please just delete this comment, couldn’t find anywhere else to put it! x

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    1. Fab – hope it works for you too! Let me know if you do get one how it goes – I’m sure Rio Beauty would be interested too. Glad you enjoyed the post – it was my first attempt at a ‘video’ so apologies for poor quality.. x

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      1. Not at all-most informative! Fingers crossed I get one…my partner’s snoring is driving me mad-he claims I snore…the cheek!

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        1. Oh dear – I’m worried now incase it doesn’t work for him but hey ho – if not you can try the ‘natural’ method (no not smothering him with the pillow) – check out In the Autumn of my life post: …. I suppose if the Rio Beauty gadget doesn’t work (hopefully it will..) at least you get the bonus of a ‘facelift’ – can’t go wrong really!!

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          1. Lol-pillow-lol! No, I’ve tried everything bar surgical intervention…so I’m quite prepared to give it a go! Plus, as you say, dual purpose item! Thanks for the info x

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