Let Freedom Ring in Your Life!

A fabulous post from Sparky Jen which contains some NLP techniques to help create mental freedom that really do work and are well worth trying!!

6 thoughts on “Let Freedom Ring in Your Life!

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  1. NLP is a powerful way to retrain our brain to be the highest and best it can be. Some people fear the word “programming.” I say, “Fear not, because that makes you the executive over what you allow your senses to absorb.” Plus, you put yourself in a higher place to model excellence!

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    1. Oh so true – we’ve been programmed throughout our lives from the circumstances and people who are connected with us and sometimes the programme no longer works and needs an upgrade! x

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          1. Wow…that’s a wonderful testament to the validity of NLP Wendy. I suspect there’s still a few naysayers out here. Like you, I’m sold. Just a mention, NLP is huge across the pond. They have developed some real elegant 21st century strategies/processes over there. Bandler spread his wings and wah la. Even he’s impressed!

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          2. And he is a truly ‘fascinating’ character – mesmorising to watch and listen to. I was lucky enough to be hypnotised by him on stage and painted a canvas I was proud of in 20 minutes when for many years I held the belief that I couldn’t draw! It was an amazing experience… It has become more popular in the UK in recent years but definitely isn’t as big as in America.. x

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