I Love Tony Robbins – Do you?

I love Tony Robbins! I purchased his life changing CD’s a few years ago and they contain some great strategies which have definitely enhanced my life. Then I slip back to old patterns of behaviour and I play those CD’s again!

Some people don’t find that same sense of inspiration and there are some Tony Robins “Haters” out there – Personally I can never understand why…

I came across this post today and for those who have never heard of Tony Robbins – please check it out and decide for yourself whether you find inspiration in his words or not. For those who love him already there are some top tips in this post. For those who hate him – open your mind up to a different perspective – challenge your belief!

Here’s an exert from a post titled: Are you Free of Financial Fear?

Link: https://www.tonyrobbins.com/wealth-lifestyle/emotional-fitness-around-money/?utm_source=offer&utm_medium=email&utm_term=A1&utm_content=Emotional%20Fitness%20Money&utm_campaign=Editorial&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTnpCbFptSmhZbU0zWldZMyIsInQiOiIrXC9kajdRQjkxMU1mTzBsSlFCczVRSE5qUmpuM3pIK29FTEYwSTZqRkRRaU5kZE50OGk5c0M2RWNLTUUyelgzOXdYTUtTZE5IT2JaelpLMXpkUHkzRmZVc0tNUXZVUm9pVDY3a1k4V2FRdFU9In0%3D

If you’re going to have an extraordinary life, you must master your emotions, that is, understand and control them. This is especially true when it comes to money. Because as many of you have learned the hard way, there are consequences when you let emotions run rampant.

“The quality of your life equals the quality of your emotions.” –Tony Robbins

I’m re-inspired to take action to consider what emotions I attach to wealth today and to remind myself of all the things I can be grateful for because as Tony Robbins says, abundance is not £’s or $’s it’s the combination of all the great things in your life!

I’d love to hear what you think about Tony Robbins and whether or not you have been inspired by him to make changes in your life – Please let me know in the comments below…


22 thoughts on “I Love Tony Robbins – Do you?

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    1. There can never be too much positive energy can there! Between us bloggers which should be changing the ‘negative’ vibrations that are going on in the world – we can but dream! x

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  1. I agree that abundance is not about money. I feel rich from many small things but most of all from better health and the love of family and friends. I think if you have been through very tough times you appreciate EVERYTHING!

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    1. Wow absolutely not – finances is the least of what he teaches. He’s an all round motivational coach and trains on changing our beliefs about ourselves etc. Definitely worth checking out some youtube videos etc. I’ve got a set of his CD’s which I never cease to learn something from no matter how many times I listen to them (they weren’t cheap but are brilliant). He’s got some good books too which are also great. Enjoy researching! x

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  2. I read his Money: Master the Game book and saw his documentary, Not Your Guru on Netflix. I prefer Suze Orman for financial advice, but I thought his methods were very intense, but also inspirational and necessary for those who need that sort of intensity. He really motivates you to get off your duff and make moves. I appreciate that.

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    1. I’ve got the ‘Netflix’ documentary as ‘to do’ very soon.. There are some great early ‘motivators’ who I suspect he studied intensely and I know the ‘principles’ are generally very similar but some people ‘talk to you’ and you ‘hear’ and that’s the case for me with Tony Robbins. I’m going to look into Suze Orman now too – I haven’t heard of her previously so thanks for this tip to help me ‘get off my duff’ when it comes to money! Cheers and have a great weekend! x

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      1. I was sold on Suze Orman when she offered $100 to everyone reading her book who opened a Money Market account, using a code from the book. I never thought I could even own that kind of account. I thought they were only for rich people. She is constantly stressing that you should have an emergency fund, and this was her way of challenging her readers to start one. The instructions were all there. And who could beat that $100 incentive? The key was to maintain it for a year with consistent monthly deposits. At first I was just proud of myself for having accomplished the goal of owning and maintaining a Money Market account to use as an emergency fund. But then at the end of the year, I noticed that deposit of $100 from Suze into my account. I think her concern for women, when it comes to money, is very genuine. I think both Suze and Tony have helpful ideas that have been very beneficial to me on my journey. Hopefully they will continue to help others as well. 💵✨

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        1. Wow – I’m not surprised you were sold on her – that really is putting her ‘money where her mouth is!’. Well done for following her advice too as so often we read it but don’t put it into practice… and you have felt the benefit as a result which is fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with me and for giving me Suze’s name to investigate in my journey too which is very much appreciated! xx

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