Poem: Magical Moonbeams

I’m posting this full version of a poem I posted as a ‘short version’ a few months ago, in support of one of our fellow bloggers who has very recently lost her mum and I apologise to those who have read the short version previously..

To all those like myself who have lost their mums:

Magical Moonbeams

From heavenly gates I sneak and down moonbeams slide,

to peep back to Earth with a feeling of pride,

and for a moment I think my job as a mother is done,

as I see my growing family, enjoying their lives with love and fun.

But then dark clouds obscure my view

and in an instant that familiar feeling of fear anew,

and I realise that a mother’s job never really ends

and my love and support I still need to send.

So, I take out a small sparkling box from my gown,

and sprinkle it’s glittering dust back to home,

and, as dust passes stars, it’s magic grows stronger

and unseen when it lands, it’s truth dissolves anger,

you remember that despite rows and family tensions,

love continues to live on through all generations.

Now I peer down to Earth once more, and a light shines back to me,

as your curtains part to reveal our beautiful family.

The warmth of gleaming smiles beams through the air

and it’s force rocks my moonbeam but I continue to stare,

and then, there you are, in your garden afar

and you shiver as my embrace surrounds you tight,

And my moonbeam light on your faces shines bright.

I see you enjoying lives honest and true

and our family values, you work hard to renew.

Trying not to worry, as it’s a useless emotion,

and instead living life full of love and devotion,

knowing you don’t need approval to believe in yourself,

and it is truly possible, to enjoy great wealth,

by understanding the importance of good health

and of loving yourself and caring for others,

knowing that to try and control those close just smothers,

so you set those around you on their own path so free,

to live lives full of joy, on their own fun spree.

As my magic dust settles, it reminds that life is very simple,

There’s really no need to create vast complication,

0r to live with unhappiness and depression.

As I look down, somehow you know…

that whenever you feel lost or just low,

you can reach up to starry night skies,

where on moonbeams I often fly,

and feel my love for you and yours ever sustaining,

through each of life’s seasons, my arms protecting

And in the breeze, you’ll feel my breath on your face,

and the brush of my lips, as your cheeks I still kiss.

So, for now, my peep is over, I float back to pearly gates,

happy knowing my family live their true fate,

and that they’ve learned some of my lessons, before it’s too late…

To simply enjoy natures beauty,

seen in the green grass, blue sea and sky,

and to love each other, with honesty and atonement,

remembering to be conscious and present in the moment,

so that life can be lived without dearth,

on the great paradise of life, you now know is Earth…

By: Wendy Hodgson



40 thoughts on “Poem: Magical Moonbeams

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    1. Oh my goodness ❤️, thank you so much. Your poem spoke to me on so many different levels, some (uncanny similarities to things she loved, taught and shared with all 8 of her children) as if my my momma was comforting me/us herself. Amazingly warm and beautiful, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Gina

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      1. Maybe we were drawn together today for that very reason.. I felt like I received some important messages after my mum died in very unexpected ways… I’m so pleased that you can relate to my words at such a difficult time in your life. What an amazing mum she must have been to have raised 8 children in such a loving way which really came out in your post… Your mum was blessed to have such love in her life.. x

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    1. You are VERY welcome Miriam and I’m glad it touched you today! It is true though – 3 years on and I still feel and hear my mum’s advice coming back to me… They remain a huge presence in our lives!! xx

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  1. Wendy, this is a Beautiful poem.

    A Mother looking down at her family on Earth. Throwing Magical Moonbeams for her family.

    I hope when I die, I also go to Heaven and Jesus gives me a Moonbeam to float on and take a peep of the world below and sprinkle Magical Dust on everyone, to dissolve anger, stop wars, make everyone Loving.

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    1. Thanks so much Cattie – I’m delighted you enjoyed this poem! I’m sure you’re already sprinkling magical dust on everyone in your life.. You sprinkled a bit on mine today with this comment! x


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