Simple Seaside Fun in Llandudno

A typical British Summer … and the rain keeps pouring down. However, it doesn’t stop us enjoying some Summertime fun here in the UK. It really is the simple things in life that create lovely memories for our grandchildren and Llandudno in North Wales is a good ‘old fashioned’ resort that has barely changed in the 50+ years I’ve been visiting.

North Wales is a popular destination for many of us who live in Manchester and it’s become a family tradition since I was a child for us to have a ‘family’ trip to Llandudno most years, with the tradition continuing through the generations with my sons and now our 2 granddaughters.

Regardless of the weather, there is something about this traditional seaside resort that just feels right. I think it’s the simplicity, the ‘getting away’ from technology and just having some summertime fun regardless of the weather.

Candy floss, fresh doughnuts, ice creams and penny slot machines on the fabulous Llandudno Pier are hard to beat and of course the resident seagulls are well practiced at successfully diving in for the warm doughnuts or ice cream as you walk away from the stand – we’ve lost several over the years!!

Then there’s the Punch and Judy show which delights all the small (and big) kids as Judy continues in her ‘non PC’ manner to bash Punch round the head with her rolling pin.


 photo courtesy of Google images:

Finally a trip onto the beach for a paddle in the sea and the obligatory soaking of Grandie  (I’m not sure it’s ever been warm enough for a proper swim), before we end the day with a trip to one of the local ‘fish & chip’ shops for tea…yummy!

Yes I love our sunshine holidays abroad but there will always be a place in my heart for good old Llandudno in North Wales!

I’ve captured the essence of our latest trip in this short ‘movie’. Spot my ‘hat’ – it’s the obligatory ‘head ware’ to protect from the rain – a plastic carrier bag – I always make sure I carry one with pink flowers on it – just in case…..

This video doesn’t exist

And then of course – you never know when you may spot a magical mermaid! (hang on a second – that mermaid is the double of my sister….)

Bev Mermaid




25 thoughts on “Simple Seaside Fun in Llandudno

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed. I was practicing putting some pics together for the 1st time as you can probably tell.. haha! Vacations are so lovely wherever they are aren’t they – just to get away from the ‘day to day’ .. x


          1. My daughter will kill me if I try new things on this computer and it blows up. I’m really good at deleting things that should be set to not delete. I have a way with pushing the wrong button!

            Liked by 1 person

          2. hahahaha! I can see the ‘picture’ now! I know that feeling – prior to my youngest moving out a couple of months ago I had someone ‘on hand’ I could call on for HELP!! – now I’m having to ‘go it alone’ – scary stuff!!!


          3. Yikes – I dread to think what you’ll find in there if my nieces bedrooms were anything to go by! – Well to be fair and my sons rooms!!!! Good Luck x


          4. I just want to dust those blinds and wash the windows..dirty windows drive me crazy. I’m not the snoopy mom at all but, can we just stack all those school books in one place

            Liked by 1 person

          5. I’ve got lots of windows that need cleaning – you’re welcome to pop round anytime to help! x School books in one neat pile – don’t be ridiculous mum!!!


          6. It’s so funny how we pick a chore and it stays with us in life. Windows, mirrors and reading glasses are my top picks to clean. It is the oddest thing in my life. Dishes in the sink don’t drive me crazy like glass does!
            I’d pop over but, I’d need a pass port I let my pass port go when I started having kids. I got all that traveling done before being a Mom! Now I think my daughter is getting the traveling bug.

            Liked by 1 person

          7. haha – well we’ll just have to keep visiting across the internet instead then! For me – I hate pots but don’t really notice the windows so much – We clearly would make a great cleaning team! x


          8. You make me giggle. At least I know if you ever show up at my door I won’t have to worry about those dishes in the sink.
            That post about friendship was amazing. Did she hear us talking? I have lost friendships for reasons I keep secret on this blog, I need to follow her.
            It’s so funny how I can stand in a line and start a conversation with someone and wished they were a friend in my life because we laughed like we were friends but we were strangers minutes before. My kids always tell me, no eye contact Mom. Everyone always talks to me, I have that look of “nice lady”..hahaha it drives my kids crazy.

            Liked by 1 person

          9. Open, loving and a sense of humour – you’d make a great friend! I love Autumn of your life blogger too – she’s definitely worth following! x

            Liked by 1 person

          10. I don’t know what’s worse being home alone or people at the stores asking where she is. I just want to scream, yes I’m alone for the first time and I hate it! The other day I walked out of the store crying because someone asked about her and I just miss her so bad. Four more long weeks without my side kick..don’t know what I will do when she really moves out.

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          11. Ahh – bless you that’s so hard. I’m sending an arm to put round your shoulder and a big hug! You’re doing the right thing and that’s building a ‘community’ to fill some gaps (that can never be replaced) until perhaps one day those gaps are filled to a degree by some grandchildren (not too soon though)… Do yourself a Vision Board and Dream Big – think of all the things you’d love to do and add them on there.. Nothing can replace your daughter but you will need to find some new things to do that you can enjoy.. one day maybe! x


          12. Thanks I needed that. My vision board isn’t half as big as your’s! I do try to do new things and dream big is a saying my kids tease me about. When I try something new my kids always say “Dream Big Mom”. I’ve hit all my goal in life so I’m trying to adventure out in search of things that won’t get me into to much trouble..haha.
            Some of my friends have stopped by and sometimes you stop and realize why you made that friendship stop and be one that you see them not so often. I have things I do, I just miss the noise and the cooking. I went for a walk on Sunday night, later then I usually do and I encounter someone that thought I would get in his truck with him, he heard some language I don’t often use. My heart got a work out with some extra beats of omg, I could have died. All is good! 🙂


          13. As they say in Manchester “Jobs a goodun”! You’ve taught your kids well if they’re repeating it back to you – I wish I’d had that sort of insight earlier in life! Yes – you don’t always appreciate it at the time but when that dashing around to sort tea, help with homework stops you wish you hadn’t grumbled so much at the time..
            Yikes that sounds pretty scary on Sunday – how horrible for you! Thanks goodness you’re ok!!! Take Care and enjoy expanding your vision


  1. Oh we do like to be beside the seaside! Walton-on-the-Naze was a favourite childhood hang out and I took the girls there too when they were younger. I went back some years ago on a geology field trip to check out the London Clay and discovered a…whole new layer (sorry!)…to a favourite castle building beach 🙂

    Go Judy, you minx! Naughty Mr Punch, don’t go down the pub and then demand your tea on the table when you roll up late! That rolling pin visualisation saved many a Brit marriage *laughter*


    1. Hahaha – fabulous! So Walton-on-the-Naze – I’d never heard of it so have just had a quick peek (don’t you just love an internet search..?) and it’s got the 2nd longest pier in the UK – wow – where has it been hiding… I’ll be waiting behind the door with my rolling pin when Bry gets home tonight – you’re right it’s clearly the secret to a long and happy marriage!! hilarious xxx

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