The Happiness Tag

So here goes – thanks to Franki Fancies for nominating me to complete this ‘happiness tag’ the rules are easy. Write about 5 things that make me happy, 5 songs that make me happy and nominate 5 ‘happy’ bloggers to complete the tag too if they fancy sharing a bit of happiness..

5 Things that make me hapy:

  1. My Husband comes top of my list – After 40 years together he still makes me laugh which is pretty good going! We’re currently on holiday in Spain and lots of laughs have echoed out across Calpe.. IMG_20160614_154539
  2. My family – 2 sons and their beautiful wife and girlfriend and of course my 2 gorgeous granddaughters who certainly make me laugh – I love being a ‘Nanny’. I have a fabulous extended family too – one of my sisters had 6 children and we’ve lived next door to each other for the last 27 years so have shared lots of happy times together and our garden has seen lots of happy moments cast firmly on my memory.
  3. My dogs – they have been part of my life since my dad bought me my first Lakeland Terrier called Scamp when I was 6. I’d walked around with a toy Koala Bear on a lead for 2 years before my mum finally gave in.. Since I’ve been married, we’ve had 3 King Charles Spaniels – 2 of which had been lost or mistreated and Holly our last was a surprise Xmas present from my husband – she lived for 17 years and bought lots of happiness to me and all our family as the boys were growing up. Finally we have Dolly – Check out my postDoggy blogging day who is so cheeky and makes us all laugh!chihuahua-woods
  4. Holidays never fail to make me happy and always create lots of fun and laughter. From our honeymoon  – camping in a field all by ourselves in Devon, UK in a tent borrowed from friends as we couldn’t afford our own, then with the lads and usually some of their friends and cousins tagging along.. we eventually upgraded to a tourer caravan and eventually when our youngest was 15 we realised a trip abroad was necessary to keep a teenage lad amused – camping no longer held it’s allure! Since then we’ve been fortunate to have lots of brilliant holidays shared with our lovely family who take great delight in soaking mum/Nanny with freezing cold water usually!Jpeg
  5. Great Friends and in particular my best friend Dawn. We’ve been friends since we were 11 years old and over the years we’ve shared lots of laughter together – partners in crime and lots of mischief  some of which can never be repeated!!

5 Songs that make me happy.

I agree with Frankie – this was almost impossible to narrow down to just 5 but here goes:

  1. ‘It’s a wonderful world’ by Louis Armstrong. Just the words are so motivating but this one reminds me so much of my dad. He loved Jazz and Louis Armstrong was a happy part of my childhood memories.
  2. Mr Blue Sky – ELO. I was introduced to ELO when I was just 15 by my hubby (to be) and Mr Blue Sky has almost become a family theme tune always blasting out of the car as we travelled to our holiday destination.. and was chosen by Daryl and Jenny (Daryl is my oldest son) to be played at their wedding on New Years Eve 2014 – happy days!
  3. Somewhere over the Rainbow – I love the Eva Cassidy version and always loved the original version by Judy Garland
  4. Gangam Style – Yep for real – this one always makes me laugh as my granddaughters absolutely love it and do some amazing moves (of course I have to join in too)..
  5. Life is a Rollercoaster – Ronan Keeting. This one always transports me back to going to his concert with my bestie Dawn where as 45 year olds we reverted back to being 2 screaming teenagers – to which the ‘lady’ stood next to us wasn’t very impressed!

So now for my nominations – hope you don’t mind but I’d love to read your Happiness Tag’s..







So – I had to just add this postscript of 2 things that have made me smile tonight as I write this post:

Hahaha – I’ve just had the best laugh – at my husband who has just screamed like a baby when I gigantic flying beetly thing just zoomed across the balcony over our heads (on holiday in Spain) – had to add this one in – hillarious – I know you probably needed to be here but take it from me – my laughter could be heard a mile away!! ….. In his defence I screamed too and it was the size of a helicopter….

And as I’m writing this post, on the radio has just come on the old song ‘Love is a many splendid thing’  it evoked memories for both me and hubby of our respective grandma’s. Mine used to sing this at concerts and Bryan’s nanna used to make him stand on the table and sing it as a ‘bribe’ for sweets.. ahhh.. happy times….


Post post update

As I’ve ended up with 6 things and songs I’m nominating a 6th blogger who is a new blogger on the block so check out her blog site if you get chance… holisticlifestylecoachblog ☺



46 thoughts on “The Happiness Tag

Add yours

    1. Hi great to hear from you. This was my first tag challenge too so hopefully I am telling you correctly… Another blogger nominates you for the tag challenge which can vary in subject matter and the you follow the rules on the tag e.g for happiness tag I had to post about 5 things that make me happy etc and the nominate 5 other bloggers to take up the challenge. I’m going to be naughty and add you now as a nominated blogger on my challenge and I look forward to reading your happiness tag challenge! 😁

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I couldn’t quite work that one out although I am sure there must be a way so if you work it out let me know too 😉 I had to just comment to each nominee but think that was quite right 😲


    1. Sorry about Manchester monsoon! They say the sun shines on the righteous so will see what I can do!….. oops hang on …. don’t think it’s gonna work as hubby just reminded me that I’m not very righteous!!!

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  1. Thank you for nominating me Wendy! I’m quite busy at the moment and have already some posts ready but as soon as I’m more free I’ll do it!! xx
    Loved reading your happy moments!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know hilarious although Not quite so funny when he ran inside and shut door behind him leaving me outside with the black helicopter!! Served me right for laughing so loud hehe 😂😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful post Wendy!! You have been blessed with quite a happy life, beautiful family, dogs and songs! Thank you so much for tagging me, this will be fun!! I love the idea behind it. I laughed out loud on your post script…hope hubby is ok and has fully recovered! 😉
    Enjoy the rest of your vaca and we’ll talk soon!! Time for me to go work on my happiness post!! xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Deb and you’re right I have been blessed and writing this post reminded me how lucky I am! As for hubby… think he’s still shaking.. hahaha 😅🐜 We fly home tonight and will leave the 🐂🐃🐂🐮 behind… I am looking forward to reading your post. Xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well you are either home by now or on your travels!! I started working on it last night and will finish it over the weekend. What a wonderful exercise to stop and think about what makes you happy and the songs too!! Thanks again! xo

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yep – we’re back home – with a bump! I tried packing some summer sun but sadly it just wouldn’t fit in my case so it’s well and truly dreary here in Manchester. I still had to wear my very bright coloured sun dress to show off my tan regardless of the weather so if nothing else, I’ve bought a bit of laughter – I got a few strange looks at the local shops while everyone else was wrapped up I jeans and jumpers – haha!! I can’t wait to read your post! xx

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          1. Well I’m happy you made it home safe and sound even if it is sans sun! Good for you for adding some brightness to everyone’s drab and dreary day…I bet they wished they had your tan too!! xo


          2. Thanks Deb – I’m not sure they were envious of the tan just a bit gobsmacked at somebody wearing a very bright and obvious ‘sun dress’ on a day requiring woollen jumpers -hahaha – it cheered me up seeing their shocked faces anyway! xx

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  3. This is such a beautiful post. I’ve been married for a year now, so seeing your husband at the top of the list really made me feel warm inside. You have such a beautiful family as well.
    I look forward to more of your posts. Following you now 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much I really love that you’ve taken time to follow and feedback with your comment – Very much appreciated! Congratulations on achieving your first year together – I think the early years of marriage can be quite challenging and I remember we had lots of ‘ups and downs’ in the early years – I packed my bags a few times – haha! However, all these years later, I can honestly say that I am So glad that we didn’t throw the towel in and that we worked through some of our challenges to develop a real and enduring love and respect for each other. A sense of humour is a must! I wish you many years of happiness together… xx

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    1. You’re very welcome – thanks for taking the time to read and comment – I really appreciate it and am glad you enjoyed reading it as it was a lovely post to write – just taking a bit of time to think about what makes me happy – although difficult to narrow down to just 5.. xx

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