Brilliance Within Loves This!

I bought this wall art today to add to my Brilliance Within hut ( 4 Simple Ways To Make Your New Room Feel Like Home),Β as it encompasses my values and serves to remind daily that life is to be enjoyed! I love all these suggestions and my favourite today is “choose with no regrets”. What’s your favourite? I’d love to hear….. leave me a comment!

Brilliance Within

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  1. I have two favorites! Dance like no one is watching and sing like no one is listening. I can’t do either, but it feels so good to just let loose a little. Though I must say it’s still only at home, goofing around with my family. Not in public haha. x

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    1. Yep – it’s my new mantra – Dancing and Singing like no one is watching – already ticked this box today .. mmm now what’s next on my list to tick off?… haha – have a brilliant weekend! x

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    1. Thanks so much for such lovely feedback! Yes – Reach for the stars – absolutely agree – Dream Big and then take Action to achieve your dreams.. Love it! As one of the goals on my Dream Vision Board is to become ‘organised’ – I’m looking forward to visiting your site too… Thanks for following my blog! x

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