Recipe: 5 Steps to Tastiest Stuffed Peppers

Brilliance Within Recipe: Tastiest Stuffed Pepper



This has turned into a favourite ‘healthy eating’ option and is SO easy to make yet tastes delicious. It can be eaten on it’s own or as an accompaniment. As you can see from the picture at the end of this post, I teamed it up with the very tasty meatballs taken from the 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet – Recipe Review.

Forget the popular ‘Lean in 15’ – this literally takes 3-4 minutes to prepare and then just pop it into the oven and wait..(admittedly it takes 20 mins to cook but you can use that time to relax with your ‘healthy’ daily glass of red wine – or sparkling water lemon cocktail before dinner is served) … Scrumptious!

This is a great Diabetes Recipe as it’s low carbohydrate yet full of flavour..


  • Red and/or Green Peppers (infact any colour… 1 x pepper per person) – cut in half and de-seeded
  • Jar of pesto sauce (red or green) – If you have the time, you could make your own fresh pesto or use the ‘tangy sauce’ from my Recipe: Basil & Lemon Zesty ‘Spring’ Chicken (without the chicken!) but these options would obviously take a bit longer to prepare.
  • Cherry tomatoes – chopped in half (about 2 or 3 tomatoes per half pepper)
  • Halloumi or Feta Cheese (I prefer Feta and hubby prefers Halloumi so I make a combination).
  • Black Pepper (ground to taste)

Here’s How – 5 Easy Steps: (Pre- heat oven)

  1. Place the de-seeded pepper halves into an oven proof casserole and fill each half with chopped cherry tomatoes
  2. Grind some black pepper over the tomatoes
  3. Spoon over the pesto or zingy basil/lemon sauce (poking some down between the tomatoes
  4. Place in the oven – Gas Mark 5 (190 degree Celsius or 375 degree Fahrenheit) for approximately 20-25 minutes until the peppers have cooked to a fairly soft texture.
  5. Remove from the oven and place a portion of halloumi or feta cheese (about a matchbox size) on the top of each cooked pepper and return to the oven on a slightly higher temperature for 5 minutes until the cheese has softened.

That’s it – Ready to eat and ENJOY…


Portion Suggestions: 1/2 x pepper per person as a starter with some fresh olives or a full pepper per person as a main course.


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  1. These look good!

    Your posts don’t seem to be coming up in my reader. Thought you had been quiet so stopped by for a look and found lots going on! Glitch, I suppose! I also find I follow people and it says I am on their page but then on my dashboard it says I am not. You aren’t one of those though. The wonders of WordPress, hey? 🙂

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    1. That’s strange as you weren’t coming up on my reader either and I stopped by your site and found I’d misseed lots on yours too… Technology – not my best subject as you know… We’re on holiday in Spain this week and it’s taken us 6 days to work out how to log onto the wifi – hence catch up! Having a fab time though – lovely villa with fabulous views! xx


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