Poem: One and Only You

I read this poem in the inspirational book ‘You Were Born Rich’ by Bob Proctor and the poem is written by James T Moore – I hope you enjoy reading it!

It’s not always easy to reveal the ‘real you’ that is often buried deep within, as I highlight in a previous post Reveal Brilliance Within. This poem perfectly illustrates the importance of being your own person. I’d love to hear what you think – please leave a comment.. x

One And Only You

Every single blade of grass,

And every flake of snow—

Is just a wee bit different …

There’s no two alike, you know.

From something small, like grains of sand,

To each gigantic star

All were made with THIS in mind:

To be just what they are!

How foolish then, to imitate—

How useless to pretend!

Since each of us comes from a MIND

Whose ideas never end.

There’ll only be just ONE of ME

To show what I can do—

And you should likewise feel very proud,

There’s only ONE of YOU.

That is where it all starts

With you, a wonderful

unlimited human being.

Poet: James T. Moore


17 thoughts on “Poem: One and Only You

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  1. I don’t just like this poem…I love it! I couldn’t imagine being anyone else but me. I am my own best friend as a result. No “twinning” thank you very much. I had a discussion with a long time friend of mine recently. She’s dealing with a lot in her life. Thankfully, she is on the brink of discovering herself, and to ice her cake, liking being herself. Once she completes her steps, I believe she’ll be able to really take better care of her health, set some boundaries in her marriage, and just feel better all around. I’ve known her a very long time. Her kids were still little. This will be the breakthrough of finally living her best life. Just feeling able to be herself, and be the she that only she can be. Will I pass her this poem? Yes I can!


    1. I don’t just like this comment – I LOVE IT! Thanks Jen!! I’m so pleased that you love this poem – I did too when I read it and couldn’t resist sharing it. How amazing that you will be sharing this with someone who is starting out on a journey of true self discovery where she will be ‘living her best life’. I am delighted and honored that I may contribute in this very small way to her amazing journey – THANKYOU! xx

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  2. Thanks so much for that lovely poem. You’re right, we are all unique in so many fantastic ways, and wouldn’t the world be boring if we were all the same? x

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    1. Fab – I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it! I loved it too and you’re right we are all unique and the world would be a very boring place if it wasn’t full of all our different characters! xx


    1. I agree – we fill ourselves with negative self-talk when we have control of the voice in our head – we just don’t control it as often as we should! Take care and I’m really glad you like this poem! xx

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    1. I’m hoping that I’ve now followed you on your new URL and look forward to continuing reading your posts. Thanks for letting me know! x


    1. It’s a lovely poem and you’re right it would make a lovely reading at a wedding… How lucky she is to have parents who are so proud of her individuality and allow her the freedom to be herself… What better gift could you possibly give her.. I hope her wedding is a beautiful and special day for you all! xx


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