How to create a sense of vacation at home

I was inspired to write a post about my favourite place, having just read this post: – which I’ve now re-blogged as well.

For the last couple of years, I’ve been lucky enough to spend some of my holiday time at a beautiful villa – El Castillo,  in  the Spanish hills overlooking Frigiliana and the Nerja bay and I refer to it as one of my ‘favourite places to be’.

This year however, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to go and it got me to thinking about why it is ‘my favourite place’ and what is it about that space that gives me that feeling of being ‘at peace’ (apart from the obvious – the warmth of the Spanish Sun compared to the magnificent Manchester weather …. haha)?

I reflected that it’s the:

  • Total tranquillity – getting away from the City and enjoying the simplicity of nature: watching the variety of birds from the tiny baby house martins to the magnificent eagles; lying back and watching the clouds float by; looking up at the night sky and being transported to the stars and back…
  • Spending ‘quality time’ with my husband and just enjoying each others company – laughing together and loving each other…
  • Reading – finding time to read a book and be ‘inspired’
  • Writing – discovering my creative flow writing new chapters of my book(s)
  • Cooking – having the time away from the pressure of work to enjoy cooking a shared meal
  • Spending time outside – breathing fresh air

So now I look at my list of reasons for loving ‘El Castillo’ and I realise that the pleasure it brings me for the 2 weeks annual holiday can be found at home too 365 days of the year, if I choose to take time each day to enjoy my space ‘at home’ in the same way.

As part of my ‘life transformation’, I’ve created a new space in our garden – The Brilliance Within Hut, which brings the things I love about El Castillo home.

Now I can sit in my ‘hut’ with the doors open wide and find the same sense of peace every day as I:

  • Enjoy sitting alone or sharing the evening with my husband (and a glass of vino of course – to keep up the Spanish tradition), listening to our favourite songs, loving each other and laughing together..
  • Opening the doors and watching the sparrows, black birds, blue tits, song thrush and robins – and even the occasional hawk fly overhead
  • Watching the clouds (probably more of them than in Spain…) float by…
  • Looking out at the beautiful stars and the moon (it’s the same sky as over in Spain after all..)
  • Use this lovely space to allow my creativity to flow as I write and read, whilst looking out on my garden and enjoy noticing the flowers and plants of the changing seasons…
  • Take myself away from the pressure of work, cleaning and tidying the house and just spending ‘quality time’ being ‘me’.

I still love El Castillo but now I realise the importance of capturing the beauty of that ‘vacation space’ at home everyday too – why wait for the 2 week holiday to enjoy the simple beauty of the world around me?

Try it yourself – think about the ‘space’ you enjoy most and take time to reflect what it is about that ‘space’ that makes you feel good and re-create it’s magic to inspire you every day.

I’d love to hear your experience of creating ‘vacation space’ at home – Please leave me a comment to let me know what you think… Much appreciated!


20 thoughts on “How to create a sense of vacation at home

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  1. This is such an awesome idea!! And the place looks wonderful, a perfect place where to stay to enjoy your free time, relax, do what you like and..take you “little vacation”, brilliant! 🙂

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  2. This is a great idea. I live that you allow yourself the time to be creative as you soak in nature. I would love to do something like this but I don’t have a favourite space in my home, but I will look for a space that I can make my own. The pictures are great.

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    1. I can definitely recommend creating a space you love! Importantly though is reminding yourself what makes you feel good… the simple things that get forgotten in the fast pace of our lives. 😏

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  3. I so relate to this! I lived in the city on a very busy street, cars, trucks, motorcycles, sirens, firetrucks, going by all day long! A year and a half ago I moved to the suburbs and I feel like I’m on vacation every day! This home has a beautiful sunroom that I sit in and do exactly what you do in your hut, watch the birds, the trees, the sky, clouds, stars, moon…I feel like I’m in Nirvana. I didn’t realize how much I was going to love the peace and quiet, and the woods and nature but I do! I’m so happy that you have created for yourself a getaway at your own home to enjoy!! It’s so worth it too!! What a great idea!! l love your signs and pillows and that loveseat looks so soft and comfy!! Enjoy! 🙂

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    1. How lovely to have moved out to ‘Nirvana’ – we are lucky to be able to enjoy the true beauty in the world we occupy. I just love spending time in my little piece of ‘heavenly’ space surrounded with my little reminders of positivity… My granddaughters love spending time in there with me too when they stay over – they also get that feeling of ‘peace’. xx

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      1. We really are lucky!! I can understand why your granddaughters love it and it’s a good lesson to them to see that they too can create their little getaway without having to go anywhere, even in their own bedrooms if they want too. I so cherish that feeling of peace! Everyday I say thank you for living here. xo

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        1. That’s so true Deb particularly for children in the ‘technological’ world – I’ve made it a space where we read, play and craft together – No laptop allowed and they love it! Gratitude – being thankful for what we have is so important…. xx

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    1. I’m sat in my little ‘vacation space’ as I write this, catching up whilst listening to the birds and looking out on nature in our little oasis.. Enjoy every moment – you’re absolutely right! x

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