Why you should ‘Fear Nothing’

You are a rock

I came across this on Facebook – I’ve no idea who the author is but what a great take on ‘life’!

It certainly puts things in perspective when you think about it like that… I’ve never thought of myself as that sort of ‘wild adventurer’ before but now I’ve realised I can ride through space on a rock, who knows where I’ll be exploring next… The anonymous author is right – I shouldn’t have to fear anything ever again!

A new life begins  – The FEARLESS ADVENTURER!!!

Where do you think I should explore? Any suggestions that ‘hit the mark’ will be added to my bucket list!


14 thoughts on “Why you should ‘Fear Nothing’

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  1. Haha loved this perspective on fear …ride through space on a rock!! That makes me think of needing no other adventure …and just claim my space of fearlessness and see where it leads me in my next choice 🙂

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    1. Oooo – yes – I like it! You’re already on the adventure and going with the flow without fear – Fab!! Amazing how reading a few simple words can change how we think….xx

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    1. Saturday Night Fever – it was always a favourite! You’re very welcome – It’s good to know I put a smile on your face and I’m having a lovely day so far too – the sun is shining! x

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    1. Great minds think alike as that was exactly my reaction when I read those words. Whenever I’m feeling ‘down’ I’m going to remind myself of the great adventure I’m on! So glad it’s had that impact on you too. Thanks for reading – I’m just dashing out to my nephew’s 18th birthday party and will look forward to checking out your blog later.. (travelling at light speed on my rock of course..) x

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