Poem: Hamsters to Swans…

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Are you stuck on that ‘hamsters wheel’, working harder and harder and spending less time doing what’s important like spending time with your family and creating memories together? Hopefully the poem below will give you some food for thought…..

Hamsters to Swans….

 Is life as you live it getting you down

stuck on that hamsters wheel,

just running faster round and round

with no time to stop for a meal?

What is it that drives you to continue

When you really just want to jump off,

yet still you run faster along on the treadmill

and on the junk food continue to trough?

Well stop for a moment to consider

how best to live your life!

Take some time to ponder

how you can become a better lover, mother and wife.

Stop sinking low when you walk through the door,

at the end of each long gruelling day

and wake up to the concern on your poor husband’s face

at the length of time you’ve stayed away…

Because now is the time to live in the moment

and together remember long forgotten dreams.

So let old things go, discard all things abhorrent

and release any tears and overcome fears.

Now is the time to escape the ties and tethers of work,

which long strangled your creativity

and move quickly away from the caves where you’ve lurked,

to shine bright as you find true liberty.

Unveiling your talents and beauty from within

and letting yourself re-discover

those hidden truths and original sin,

that once long ago you shared with each other.

So now everyday you can laugh louder together,

enjoying sunshine days and memories anew,

finding time for yourself and each other

and doing all the things that lovers do….

These are the things you’ll both remember                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               now and you can finally embrace flying high,

like two beautiful swans, true partners forever,

no longer letting life and happiness pass you by…..

By Wendy Hodgson February 2015

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    1. Ahh- thanks for commenting – it’s lovely to receive feedback – particularly when it’s so positive! – Very much appreciated x


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