Old Lovers Renew

  Old Lovers Renew Loves spine shivering fingers stroke down and anticipation spirals, as tender touch releases frown. Words first seeming final, now just a memory drifting away, as they continue to love for one more day. Loves tender touch, warms hidden gem and icy hearts melt. Intensity charges through them, forgotten words no longer... Continue Reading →


Thanks to all who have liked my posts over the last few weeks. I have now received the first 100 Likes, which as a new blogger I'm very proud of. It's definitely a learning journey and one I'm enjoying being a part of. I've loved linking in with so many new people from around the... Continue Reading →

Afternoon Tea

Today I invited my sister round (she lives next door) for a good old fashioned afternoon tea to celebrate her 60th birthday (in advance of her party next week). Sometimes those last minute arrangements work out perfectly and today was one of those occasions. The party grew quickly and unexpectedly from it being just for my sister... Continue Reading →


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