So dogs don’t like hugs?….

Look out for my photo – I’m not sure how to add it into this comment box so will have to post separately. The picture says it all as to whether my little dog Dolly likes hugs! ..


The news this week was full of a story about how research carried out by a retired psychology professor at the University of British Columbia, Stanley Coren, has found that the majority of dogs don’t like receiving hugs from humans. The professor made these claims in an article published in the Psychology Today magazine. (Here is the link to the article itself if you want to have a read. ) So, facts first, what did the research say? Well upon closer inspection I found that this is the first issue, as despite the way the press have been reporting it, it isn’t actually a research project. Well not one that has been validated or peer reviewed anyway and there is no published data available in terms of the methodology or statistics.

The part of the article which has generated the stories in the press is this direct quote from the article, “…in times of stress or threat the first line…

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    1. Ahh – thanks – I know very cute – and very cheeky too… She thinks she’s the boss! Thanks for reading my posts – I’m looking forward to having a read of your blog too. x


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