So dogs don’t like hugs… hahaha



Our dog Dolly must be the exception to the rule then! See this post – So dogs don’t like hugs?…. from Dawnsworld blog.

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  1. I heard about this ‘study’ or should I say published observation? I think each dog may be different in that respect. I do know that our son M was bitten on the forearm by a supposedly docile lab. He was petting him but they were standing in a small foyer with a number of other people. So it was a crowded small space. Also my sister was bitten on the face as a young child by a young dog she was hugging. Makes you think. :/

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    1. Yes that’s true- I’d never trust my dog to be cuddled by children – I always stop them from doing this – I think it’s down to trust – when your an adult/owner they know they can trust you but when children/strangers try to hug them I do think they find this intimidating… (sorry about delayed response – for some reason I missed this comment earlier..x)

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  2. Lovely post and we have and have had dogs who love to hug. Seamus was the biggest hugger of them all (a rescue lurcher who features in our earlier blog posts). Pearl is catching up fast with her hugs and has learned from the master :o)

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