Reveal Brilliance Within

Protecting our Brilliance Within

How often we journey through our lives showing or seeing only the external persona, keeping those external petals folded close around us, hiding away and only showing what’s on the outside –  the clothes, makeup, hair or just touching the surface with our questions and answers.

We quickly make our minds up about someone based on what they look like and it’s well known that we form our opinion about a person within just a couple of minutes of meeting them. As a result, how often do we discard the opportunity of forming a relationship and a friendship because we miss what’s on the inside?

Do you take time to ask the questions that would help someone start to open up? If you’re asked a question do you give a quick brush off answer? Do we really LISTEN?

Learning to Trust and Open Up


And then one day maybe we take the time to ask a different question and suddenly we notice something deeper as we really listen to the answer. Maybe you’ve been surprised – what you heard wasn’t what you expected to hear from that person that you had so quickly formed an opinion about…..

As that person who has hidden away, can you start to trust someone – just a little bit at first and allow some of your exterior petals to unfold…

And suddenly we’re opening up and hinting at what lies deep within us – our internal beauty begins to reveal itself…….

Brilliance Revealed

And then our petals unfold a little more as each day passes and we start to trust each other. We ask more probing questions, digging deeper beneath those protective petals and we listen with interest to the response…

“How are you?”


“No – Really –HOW are you?….” – then listen – really listen – you may be surprised by what you hear

“Well actually – things are really amazing/really awful…..” – Dare to reveal yourself – be brave!

Ask questions – probe a little bit deeper and if you’re asked a question, dare to reveal what’s going on inside…. Learn to trust each other and then…

Your Inner Brilliance – Revealed in Full Glory!

…. Be Brave – you can truly open yourself up and reveal all that Brilliance Within – the inner beauty that you’ve kept hidden away for so long.

How magical the World would be if we all took a little bit more time to delve a little and stop just touching the surface and if we were a little braver and allowed people to help us unfurl our protective layers so that we engage in those more meaningful conversations.

We look at a bud and recognise that as it opens up it becomes more beautiful. Take time in your life to shine some sunlight on the buds and warm those petals so they begin to unfold and reveal the true glory – our Brilliance Within, so like bees we can enjoy the real nectar that’s inside each of us ….

17 thoughts on “Reveal Brilliance Within

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  1. This is so true. There is so much pressure to maintain a positive, busy and balanced outward appearance it can have a major impact on our more vunerable days. We are taught not to show a perceived weakness or vunerability but wouldn’t it make those days a little easier if we knew we weren’t alone? A snappy work colleague might appreciate a cup of tea of understanding rather than judgement of a more negative kind. It is easy to feel guilty and exposed if we admit some days are harder than others but if we do admit it, receive comfort and find others are in a similar boat then it unites us. We become part of the tribe and find strength in the sharing. It also gives a more balanced and realistic viewpoint. Showing your vunerable side IS a show of strength because it shows you are willing to be honest – with yourself and others – about what it is like to be alive. Namaste.

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    1. You are so right – it really is brave to share honesty and emotions and so often particularly at work we show only an exterior persona rather than the person we really are. Being honest with yourself can also be incredibly scary and yet the learning and strength in doing so is magnificent.. I return your lovely greeting with a bow: Namaste…

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  2. If only we can put aside our preconceived notions,give ourselves the chance to blossom and appreciate the beauty we see in others; we wld all bloom and open up beautifully. Awesome post, Love your blog!

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    1. That is such a lovely perspective and really lovely feedback about my blog which was just what the Doctor ordered as this morning I was feeling a bit despondent as there had been about 10 visitors overnight and not a single ‘like’ and I thought I must be doing something wrong…. so to get your feedback when I’ve logged back on this afternoon has put me right back on track – I genuinely really appreciate it! Thanks for following my blog and cheering me up x

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    1. I think in our ‘fast paced’ world, it’s easy to forget to take the time to have a real discussion and you’re right – I agree, if we could just spare some time for this, I’m sure life and relationships would improve immensely… thanks so much for your comment I really appreciate it and I’m glad you liked this post! xx

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  3. Wendy!
    It is the brilliance within you that has made this post write up on the title of your blog “Brilliance Within ” brilliant. Very apt very short and to the point.
    What all you have said is 100% true. The images step wise depict the way you wanted the subject to present.

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