Look Beyond

I sat in the Doctors surgery today and saw the pain of getting old in a little old lady who couldn’t be spared five minutes to be slotted in to see the Doctor. What nobody noticed was the struggle she had made to walk up the ramp assisted by the taxi driver who’d bought her to the surgery, then the bewilderment on her face as she dropped her appointment card and couldn’t pick it up (I picked it up for her) and the gratitude on her face to have just that little bit of help… The struggle daily of growing old, becoming lost and a lack of humanity is captured beautifully in this poem Look Beyond from Little Mermaid blog site…

The Little Mermaid

I see what lies behind your wrinkles
smiles forgotten
promises broken
I hear the voice in your heart
those screams and cries of agony
that wretched tragedy
I know your silence speaks of words unspoken
that one aching tear hides a soul forsaken

Unless I walk in your shoes
I would never understand
your despair, your misery
That battle
you are fighting
with all your mettle
The faint whistle gets deeper
I got to catch this train
I could not hug you
But I feel your pain

*Image borrowed from Google

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