My learning journey..

Sometimes it's the most difficult moments in life that creates the opportunity and inspiration to do something different and sets us on a new pathway on our journey through life. One of those moments for me came after the birth of my second son in the late 1980's when I needed to start improving my income and... Continue Reading →

Vacation Time….

Just looking back on some photo's of an amazing summer holiday last year spent in the hills overlooking Frigiliana near Nerja, Mainland Spain. My husband Bryan and I spent the first week in the magnificent El Castillo Villa way up in the hills and with the most amazing views. Pure relaxation - we barely stirred out! The second... Continue Reading →

Happy Times

Life - what's it all about? Well for me, it's not about materialistic things, it's about the things that money simply can't buy... I feel privileged to be part of an amazing family. Like all families, we have our ups and downs - there are lots of us, spanning 4 generations. Each of us have... Continue Reading →

The Wheel of Life…

I've found the Wheel of Life to be a great tool to use myself and with hypnotherapy clients over the years to quickly identify some life areas which can be improved. There are lots of examples of this tool on the web which can easily be printed off and are all very similar to the image below: How to... Continue Reading →

New Beginnings….

Working very long days, often without any breakfast or lunch, getting home after 9 or 10 p.m. and then eating rubbish - Does this sound familiar? Well take heed because for me it's finally happened - Having worked in this way for too long,  I've just received the news that on top of my existing high blood... Continue Reading →

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