Let the light shine on Brussels

Paris Attack

Photographer unknown

Sending love to those families devastated by the tragic loss of their beautiful mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, grandparents and friends in Paris and Brussels…. In honour of all those who’s lives have been cut short by terrorism across the World – a loss to the World. Rest In Peace.

Let the light shine…

 Paris now Brussels suffer an ISIS monstrosity,

a vile and deadly terrorist atrocity!

Someday those responsible may suffer for their sin

but against democracy they’ll never win….


Sudden death, caused by those who’ve lost sight

of humanity, as they continue their bloody plight,

leaving us to mourn precious souls who lost their fight,

on these blighted and horror filled dark days and nights…


So now once again the World unites

and looks up to the light,

to feel the warmth of the sun,

and our icy hearts melt and we live as one.

Peace and harmony and enjoy simple fun,

to remind ourselves that we are all human…


Like the phoenix, together we now rise high above

and stand true and strong in our love,

sharing our grief, sadness and true pity

for the tragic loss in our beautiful cities.

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