60 second face lift from Aldi..

Botox isn’t something I’d consider using (just a personal preference) but I am a bit concerned that losing the weight I need to lose to help improve my newly diagnosed diabetes, may result in saggy facial skin, as at age 55 the elasticity in my skin is not what it used to be.

I went into Aldi to do my food shop last week and got sucked in to one of their ‘offers of the week’ – the Lift Plus 60 second face lift gadget. It cost £49 so if it works it will be a bargain and if not it will be relegated to the unused gadget drawer!


Well I’ve used it twice now and although it’s a weird and slightly painful sensation, it is copeable and you certainly feel the muscles being worked. You can adjust the level of intensity and I seem to be able to accept a higher intensity in some areas of the face and neck than others.

When using it on the cheeks, it does make the teeth slightly sensitive – a bit like when you lick a battery (I can’t be the only person to have done that can I?) – this sensation only lasts for the time that the machine is in use in that area and as soon as you remove it the sensation stops.

Whether this makes a difference to my skin tone only time will tell – I’ll keep you posted…

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