50+ Fun and Flirty NOT Frumpy!

I may be ‘fat’ and ‘over 50’ but what I don’t want to add to my list is ‘frumpy’!

Why is it so hard for manufacturers and shops to realise that there is a big market out there for us ‘baby boomers’ who may be carrying a few extra pounds? (Hopefully not for too much longer New Beginnings….)

There are a couple of areas on my body I like to cover up i.e. tummy and the tops of my arms. Instead I love to flash a bit of cleavage and some leg (from the knee down..), Finding dresses that achieve this is nearly impossible!

More often than not I’m left looking at frumpy dresses that my grandma (sorry Gran)would have worn – well now that 50 is the new 40, isn’t it time designers wake up to the fact that we want outfits that match our fun and flirty personalities and don’t make us feel old, fat and frumpy? For some reason most dresses come sleeveless and with a high round neckline and when I find one that’s low cut, it’s usually a mini dress …”aghhhh!!!”

One of the few places I’ve found some outfits that match my personality, has been the ‘on line’ catalogue from Kaleidoscope. (I’m not on any commission..) Thanks to their great range of dresses, I’ve managed to source a few lovely dresses that have done a great job of covering up some lumps and bumps whilst allowing me to still feel ‘sexy’!

The zip up cream dress from Kaleidoscope in the photo above (top left) was so flattering that I went on to buy it in the black as well. It has been an incredibly versatile dress which I’ve worn with smart jackets and a scarf for work and then with some snazzy shoes and sparkly earing for a night out. It washes brilliantly and doesn’t need ironing so ticks every box – in fact I loved it so much I even bought an extra black one as a spare – thank goodness because I’ve noticed they’ve not got it in the new 2016 catalogue …

The sparkly red Kaleidoscope dress (top right photo – not that you can miss that cleavage!) dazzled Liverpool when I partied the night away for my lovely daughter in law’s (to be) hen night. I’ve never received so many compliments about an outfit in one night from both the ladies and the men – I had strangers coming up to me asking where I’d got my dress from! Thanks Kaleidoscope for enabling me to feel ‘fab, fit and foxy’ on a great night out!

Check out their new range for Spring 2016 at: http://www.kaleidoscope.co.uk

Come on other fashion stores take a leaf out of Kaleidoscope’s book (well catalogue) and start some new ‘fab, fit and foxy’ ranges that we can all feel great in – change those frumpy necklines!!!


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      1. Oh no ! What a pain ! A couple of years ago I read somewhere on a forum that if your laptop is kept in one place permanently to remove the battery and run the laptop of the charger as it saves the battery life for when you want to use the laptop on vacation, what ever. So, I have been running my laptop directly from the charger for about three years. I did take the laptop to Israel and the battery was great. I do hope that you can get a new charger quickly and be back to normal Wendy.

        Keep taking the tablets 😀 ❤

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