If I could have this day again…

Focus on today

If I could have this day again

How different would it be?

Would I really spend it working

or instead looking out across the sea?


 Enjoy life in the moment….

As how often we live our lives,

chasing rainbows in the sun,

forgetting childhood fantasies

and no time to just have fun!


So as each new day dawns,

enjoy every precious moment.

Cast out all feelings of forlorn

and instead feel happy and content.


For this very moment is magical,

every breath and beat of your heart,

serving to remind that life is a miracle

and it’s time for a new start


To live every day like it’s your last

let go all regrets about the past,

stop making life a test

and simply choose to have a blast…


By Wendy Hodgson – Summer 2015

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